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Gear Knob Shift Replacement BMW All Series

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Gear Knob Shift Replacement BMW All Series

In this article I will show you step by step how to remove the gear knob for the majority of BMW models with a manual gearbox.

Most of the time, the BMW knob ends up peeling off and looking very ugly, and that is the time when we have to replace it.

To remove the gear knob , you will have to give it a slight left/right play and pull it strongly upwards.

!!!BE CAREFUL!!! – be very careful when pulling the gear knob. The gearbox would ideally be in gears 2 or 4, because when it slips, there is a chance that your hand will go into the rearview mirror and you will break it. I know at least 2 people who damaged their rearview mirror trying to remove the gear knob ?

To install the new knob, you must gently place it on the guide at the end of the rod and give it two blows with the palm of your hand to snap it into position.


To see exactly what needs to be done, I invite you to watch the following video tutorial:



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