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How to change a tire step by step

The unexpected happened and you have a flat tire? Want to know how to replace it? Here are some useful tips to replace the wheel easy and safe.

Modern cars no longer come equipped with a spare wheel, because the manufacturers wanted to reduce the weight of the car and maximize the space in the trunk, and they chose to equip them with a repair kit and RunFlat tires. If you own such a car, it would be necessary to document yourself before, in order to be prepared in case you need to use this kit.

If your car is equipped with a spare wheel, it would be good to practice replacing it at home, just to be prepared in the harshest scenarios (night, rain, cold). Being in a safe place, with a minimum of knowledge and the necessary tools, replacing a wheel should be quite easy.


  1. Before replacing a wheel, try to find a safe parking space, as far away from ongoing traffic as possible.
  2. Park the car on a hard / equal surface.
  3. DO NOT start this procedure if you have passengers in the car. Make sure passengers are away from the car and safe.
  4. DO NOT work under the car when it is raised on the jack!
  5. Make sure you have positioned the jack on the lifting stand dedicated to your car. Improper positioning of the jack can lead to collapse, damage to the car or injury.

Here is a video where you can see how to replace a wheel:



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